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Price includes frame, shipping, and sales tax.

My banner attempts to depict both Christ's triumph over death and the eternal life His victory won for every Christian. It is a UV resistant, 6' x 3' dye sublimation print of my original painting on a 7 oz. polyester canvas.

The dye sublimation process embeds brilliant, permanent pigments into the bright (but non-reflective) polyester substrate. The vibrant colors produced by this printing method, combined with my stylized depiction of a life-sized human, inspire each viewer in a way that is similar to the feeling generated under the glow of a traditional stained glass window.

In order to truly experience this necessarily subjective effect, however, the artwork must be personally viewed at its full size. To avoid this limitation, every buyer is free to return the undamaged artwork within 30 days for a full

"no questions asked" refund.

Additionally, each banner comes framed with the versatile "goKelvin" Hanging Rail System, consisting of two 36" clear plastic clamps that secure and stabilize the fabric at top & bottom. A single loop of cord connects four clips that slide to any position inside the top rail, allowing simultaneous adjustment of the banner's vertical and horizontal position in any location. This ingenious mechanism allows the tapestry to be easily transported  and quickly rehung at any location. 

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Resurrection_Rapture sRGB 150 dpi CANVAS
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