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David Azzarello

I've studied the various disciplines of traditional, original artwork creation at Northwestern University, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and at Northern Illinois University where I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Studio Art. I later earned a master's degree in medical illustration from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

I have been a professional illustrator for over thirty years. I also create what I consider fine art. Though I tacitly defer to the modern cultural distinction between artist and illustrator, I don't accept it in theory or practice.


Whether painting a cave wall with ocher and charcoal or designing a corporate logo with tablet and monitor, both artist and illustrator are required to create tangible, external symbols that allow them to effectively communicate their intangible, internal thoughts and feelings to other human beings.

Standing under the Sistine Ceiling,  who could reduce Michelangelo to the role of either “artist” or “illustrator”?

Please feel free to contact me

with any questions or to request additional samples of my work.

Thank you for

your time and interest!

All images copyrighted by David Azzarello, 2021

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